Hello, guys. This log will be a brief presentation, acknowledgements and explanations of the development.

First, we are very happy to share this moment with you all. Today is a very special day for us here at Playable Creatures. In addition to being the day of our first devlog, it is algo the launch day of our first game, Lionel The Guardian. For more information on Playable Creatures, just go to this link:

Secondly, we would like to congratulate for the excellent work done building such a flexible and accessible game distribution platform for the developers and gamers. Your support is very important to everyone who is just starting out in the game development world and we are very grateful for everything that is offered here on

I, Rafael, would like to thank my friends and business partners as well. 
To Liandro Roger Memória Machado and Roberto Oksman de Aragão, thank you for joining me in this new stage that is starting now. Thank you for believing and taking part in this project that is one of my dreams, and that will now be yours too. Thanks also to Ana Raquel Montenegro Assunção, responsible for the revision of the script, to all the friends and family that supported us and to you who bought and are helping to finance this project.

Thirdly, shall we talk about the development of the game?

Lionel The Guardian is in development. In itself, the game already has the script done and the programming is complete. Nevertheless, the art and final songs are still lacking. Unfortunately, we do not have five days a week to produce the game, but only one day or so per week. We commit to writing a devlog reporting the current situation of the game on every Friday.

Currently, we have a tutorial (Mission 1) and a finished stage (Mission 2), in addition to splash screens, menus and start cutscenes. At the end of that mission, the game displays a completion image and returns to the Main Menu.

The first scenario is complete and the second is ready, but the enemies and scenery objects are still missing. The third mission will only be released when we finish all the art and music. The same will be done for the other missions. The game has ten missions total. These ten stages will take place in five different scenarios.

That's all for now. I hope you have fun with Lionel The Guardian and keep following us here.

Thank you!

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